RankMath SEO Plugin For WordPress Review

The RankMath SEO Plugin is a powerful tool that allows you to seamlessly improve your website’s search engine optimization and user experience.

RankMath is a powerful SEO plugin for WordPress. It makes it easy to optimize your website with one click. It combines the power of the Yoast SEO plugin, which has over 12 million installs, and WordPress’s native functions to provide a seamless solution. The RankMath plugin offers several advantages:

The first advantage is that RankMath works on any website. You don’t need to download, install or configure anything. The plugin automatically works in the background whenever you are creating or editing a post or page. Just open a new post or edit an existing one, and select your desired keyword/s from within the Meta Box provided by RankMath. Then press Update and your posts will instantly be optimized for search engines and users! There is no need to change anything on your blog’s templates—the results will always look natural for both search engines and human readers alike!

RankMath also offers other features such as built-in Google Analytics Integration (which allows you to track how much traffic is coming from Google), Exclude Posts from being optimized (to prevent RankMath from optimizing specific posts) and more!

RankMath can improve your website’s position in search engines results pages (SERPs) like Google, Bing and Yahoo by using proven best practices such as On-Page Optimization techniques (Meta Tags, Canonical Tags, Titles & Descriptions etc.) as well as Off-Page Optimization techniques (Social Signals & Backlinks). And that’s not all! With the Yoast Compatibility Mode enabled, RankMath even allows users to benefit from the advantages of Yoast SEO while still keeping their site safe with our proprietary security measures!

Install and activate the plugin

Installation and activation are easy.

  • Download the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory by going to Plugins > Add New, searching “RankMath,” and then clicking Install Now.
  • Activate RankMath through the Plugins menu in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Make sure you have no issues after installation and activation.
  • Define where you’d like to store RankMath’s data by navigating to Settings > General within the WordPress dashboard and using the Rank Math Settings option under Site Address (URL). If you’re using SSL, ensure that you’ve selected https:// as the protocol before saving changes in this section; otherwise, select http:// instead of https:// before saving changes in this section.
  • Configure how you’d like RankMath to track redirects by going to Rank Math > Redirections > Add New within the WordPress dashboard and selecting one of these options: Enable URL Redirection | If you want RankMath to automatically redirect URLs that are moved or deleted without creating new pages or posts on your site Disable URL Redirection | If you want RankMath to allow broken links after URLs are moved or deleted without creating new pages or posts on your site Finally, click Save Changes at the top-right corner of this page when done configuring this option; otherwise, click Cancel Changes at the bottom-left corner of this page if you don’t want to save changes in this section.

Set up the plugin

To get started with RankMath SEO, you need to first add it to your site. This is a super simple process, but if you want some help, we’ve got a knowledge base available on our website that will walk you through the entire process. We also have tutorial videos for every step of the RankMath SEO installation and configuration process on our YouTube Channel.

Once you have RankMath SEO installed and are happy with how everything is looking, it’s time to go over to the plugin dashboard and take a look at all of the features you now have at your disposal! Here you’ll find things like an analytics dashboard, tutorials on how to setup certain parts of your site (like redirects), troubleshooting guides in case anything goes wrong, and a feedback tab where your suggestions can be directly funneled back into development. If there’s ever anything else our team needs from you that isn’t in these tabs, they’ve got your back too—just send them an email or chat right up with them using our convenient live chat tool!

What’s even better than all of these great resources? They’re completely free! And if some or all of this information has helped you out while working on your website, please consider donating to support us so we can continue building awesome tools like this one for everyone who needs them!

Manage your keywords

Will RankMath help me find new keywords to use in search results?

Yes. The RankMath SEO plugin will allow you to add and manage keywords from your blog or website, allowing you to gather all of your keyword research, keyword suggestions, and lists of keywords related to your content in one place. You can create new lists of keywords that you want to track over time, as well as tweak existing lists by changing the popularity of a keyword. For instance, if you find that your site is ranking high for the right keyphrases but not for the ones you came up with yourself, this is a great way to discover new hotkeyphrases and edit any other data associated with those keyphrases that aren’t performing as well.

Take advantage of the 404 monitor

You must take advantage of the 404 monitor. It is a fantastic feature that lets you see what errors are occurring on your site so you can fix them. When users get an error page, they may not know how to get back to your site, or worse, they may assume it’s down and abandon it altogether. This can really hurt your website!

Here’s how the plugin helps you monitor 404 errors: when users get an error page, like a broken link or a webpage that no longer exists, RankMath adds the URL to its database for you to review later. Using this list of URLs is much better than scouring through logs in Google Search Console (GSC) because RankMath will keep the database updated with any new errors that occur after GSC last checked your site.

The next step is to fix these 404 errors by redirecting them to relevant pages on your website (even if it’s just your homepage). Your options for fixing 404 errors are as follows:

Redirect the URL manually by going into WordPress > Rank Math > Redirection and adding the old URL in the “Source URL” field and the new one in “Target URL” field. If you haven’t already, set up 301 redirects – this will permanently move users from old URLs to new ones.

Configure link suggestions and internal linking.

RankMath SEO Plugin will help you achieve these goals. RankMath uses a dynamic keyword-suggestion algorithm to pair your most important keywords with your content. Internal linking is then done in an intelligent manner so that key pages receive the most links from other pages. Doing this ensures that important pages get linked more, improving their rankings and spreading traffic across the site. Essentially, RankMath SEO Plugin helps you build a strong internal link structure for your website, which will help its long-term search engine optimization strategy and improve the user experience of your website by reducing clutter. Finally, by incorporating the right keywords throughout your content, it also improves the SEO of your website’s individual pages.

Improving the user experience, internal links, and SEO are great reasons to use this plugin on any WordPress site.

Use the SEO analysis tool

It may seem tempting to roll your own algorithm for measuring SEO effectiveness, but in reality, there are several factors at play that make this a futile endeavor. Even if you could plug the right numbers into an equation and hit the right variable with a code tweak here and there, any significant change in ranking would be temporary at best as Google continues to evolve its search platform.

What’s more, RankMath has been vetted by industry experts time and time again for its accuracy. By implementing their product on your blog or website, you’ll be getting an objective measurement of how well each piece of content performs from the perspective of SEO—something that can’t be done by looking at the raw data alone!

The fact of the matter is that spending time trying to reinvent the wheel or otherwise “hack” SEO will end up costing you more than just a few hours spent installing RankMath. The cost savings you’ll see over doing it yourself will put money back in your wallet (or back on your credit card if you don’t have many earnings yet) so that you can purchase other products to build your online presence and revenue streams.

Final Words

It should be clear that RankMath offers some truly unique advantages over similar plugins on the market. It’s often difficult to find a plugin that works across all types of websites, regardless of the content or design. As long as you’re using WordPress with your own domain name, you can use this plugin to optimize every post and page for search engines. This makes it much easier for you to get started with search engine optimization—you don’t need to change anything on your website, everything just works right out of the box!

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