IX Web Hosting: Probably Best Hosting Package

If You run multiple web sites, you need hosting account, which allows more than 1 domain/site to host. And best – if each site had unique IP. Probably all hosting companies could offer that – but usually charging about $2/month.

Fortunately one day I”ve found such hosting company, which doesn”t charge extra $ for dedicated IP! When I”ve purchased their services, they allowed only 8 domains for business plan (it was still good, if pay $7.95/month and receive 8 dedicated IP worth $16!) And even more, about week ago they changed some features and now UNLIMITED DOMAINS can be hosted!

Here goes probably best hosting package”s main features:

  • Host UNLIMITED sites
  • 8 dedicated IP addressess (haven”t found any other hosting company offering this…)
  • 2 FREE DOMAINS (there are some companies offering 1 free domain, but haven”t seen that someone offered 2)
  • 500 Gb web space
  • 3,500 Gb data transfer /month
  • Free credits for marketing (total value $460, including $50 for Microsoft Ad Center, $50 for Google AdWords, $50 for Yahoo! search marketing etc.)
  • FREE Setup + FREE Web Design software
  • Other usual things, which are available with hosting packages – no need to list them all.
  • Really good services (review from satisfied customer, who wrote this short article ?

You think it”s for You? If yes,


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