Find The Right Keywords And Keyphrases For Your Website Optimization

Keywords can make or break your website promotion campaign. Ideally, a good keyword meets these requirements:

  1. It describes your business, product or service — or some part of it.
  2. It is frequently used by people when they make searches in Google or other search engines.
  3. Online competition for this word is not too tough (not too many websites are already optimizing for this keyword).

To get a mass of keyword ideas and pick out the best–working for SEO keywords, you should got part of SEO PowerSuite tool called Rank Tracker.

You feed Rank Tracker a couple of keywords that you think are good for your site, and it comes up with hundreds of new keyword suggestions that also describe your website”s offer! Besides, you will see how often people search for each keyword on this list and how tough competition is for each and every word.

If you don”t want to make your own choices, Rank Tracker will come up with Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI) for each word and simply mark the best keywords with green and the least effective ones with red.

You can start with keyword choice right now — just download Rank Tracker and follow the built–in wizard to start research.

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