Introducing .MOBI

Although mobile devices and the networks that support them are improving, it seems like the mobile Web is almost a secret these days because sites can be hard to locate and have little content when you find them. And yet, with four mobile phones purchased for every one personal computer, there””s a world of people whose main access point to the Internet is a mobile device.

Beginning in May 2006, there is finally a solution: .MOBI.

MOBI is the first – and only – top level domain dedicated to delivering the Internet to mobile devices. MOBI will revolutionise the use of the Internet on mobile devices. .MOBI is designed to guide mobile users to made-for-mobile Internet content and services that can be accessed with confidence.

MOBI Timeline:

  • May 22nd – May 29th Limited Industry Sunrise
  • June 12th – Genreal Sunrise for Trade Mark holders
  • August 28th – Landrush (pre-register today)
  • September 14th – General Registrations
  • Trademark holders may begin submitting sunrise registrations on June 12th, 2006.  Although .MOBI landrush does not begin until the 28th of August, 2006, you can submit your requests today.  Landrush registrations will be submitted to the registry on a first-come-first-served basis.