How Fast is Your Site?

Site Speed — Google’s Next Ranking Factor

World Wide Web is soon going to become the Wild Wild Web where the fast guys rule. According to Google’s engineer Matt Cutts the search giant is inclined to introduce a new ranking factor into its algorithm — site speed. Once that happens, your site load time will have a direct impact on your Google rankings.

If you’re a fast site, maybe you should get a little bit of a bonus. If you really have an awfully slow site, then maybe users don’t want that as much , says Cutts.

Google is pushing towards a faster web where web pages can be turned as quickly as those of a print magazine. If your site doesn”t catch up with the pace it doesn”t belong on the first page of search results.

When will Site Speed Become a Ranking Factor?

Google’s already using load speed as a Quality Score factor in its paid search platform AdWords, where advertisers with faster web pages pay less. It”s hard to tell for sure when site speed factor will be officially brought into organic search though. Some experts believe it already has an effect on rankings and Google will give it more weight. Google says speed is yet to become a factor in the ranking algo.

Anyway, it seems reasonable for Google to introduce the new factor together with the new search architecture known as Google Caffeine which is to be rolled out after the holidays (early 2010). Google wants Caffeine to be faster. Higher speed will be hard to achieve with slow sites ranking in top 10, so it makes perfect sense for Google to apply the site speed factor in Caffeine.

Check Your Website Load Time

If your site depends on Google rankings for traffic and sales (which is true for a vast majority of sites) you should be ready for any change in the game, big or small. Taking action before the change even happens is a key to the prosperity of your business.

The new version of WebSite Auditor lets you quickly check your site speed and compare it against your top ten competitors. Doing this is easy as ever with SEO PowerSuite tools. You simply specify your website or web page address and the keyword(s) you’re targeting. WebSite Auditor then finds your top 10 competitors for the keyword and compares your site against them in a variety of ways:

  • Keyword use and density in all page elements.
  • Most popular keywords and keyphrases on your and competing webpages.
  • Problem areas in your content, etc.

And now it also lets you check your site”s load time. If you click through to the Report Tab you’ll see a special Site Load Time section closer to the end of the report. In it you get all the information you need to check whether your site is fast enough to rank in the top 10 of Google.

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Complete software toolkit for search engine marketing

Web CEO is a world leading software toolkit for search engine optimization and site promotion. Web CEO helps you significantly increase search engine traffic, implement the latest search engine strategies and win by having all SEO tools in one handy suite.

The tools you will find in the package:

  • Keyword Suggestion.  Search our database for related keywords, put them through detailed competitiveness analysis and pick out the best choices for your site.
  • Optimization Advice and Environment. Get a clear, detailed and exact advice on how to tweak a web page for your keyword then apply this advice in a specialized page editor.
  • Search Engine Submission. Auto-submit the optimized pages to major search engines around the world. Also, facilitate manual submissions through a friendly interface.
  • Ranking Check. Get comprehensive ranking reports for multiple engines and keywords. Collect ranking history and build trends. Industry safest human emulation techniques ensure you will not be banned by the search engines for automated queries.
  • Link Popularity Analysis. Analyze how many links you get from other sites and how good these links are for your rankings. Research your competition and top sites and spy their linking strategy.
  • Traffic Analysis. Collect accurate statistics of referring keywords and engines, link partners, ad campaigns, visitors and their navigation, popular pages etc. — anything you need to manage and improve your web marketing activities.
  • Partner Finder . A powerful tool that helps look for potential link exchange partners, evaluate their websites and manage your correspondence with the website owners.
  • PPC Campaigns Manager . A tool that allows you to take control of your paid search campaigns: register new accounts with the PPC search engines, and easily manage existing ones.

Other Tools Included:

  • FTP Manager — to quickly save changes to the hosting server
  • Site Auditor — to troubleshoot any possible site errors
  • Site Uptime Monitoring Service — to get alerted when your site is down.

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How to control your website rankings in search engines

The easiest way to see if your SEO efforts are bringing results is regularly checking your website positions in search engines.

When you know each change in your rankings you’re able to figure out which activities are the most profitable for you. You can notice mistakes and take quick action to correct them.

With Rank Tracker tool from SEO PowerSuite this is absolutely easy. First it finds the most profitable keywords for you, and then you keep all the good keywords in Rank Tracker project and conveniently track where you rank for each of them. It will only take you a couple of minutes daily to check your website rankings in Google, Yahoo! Bing, Ask or any other search engine you choose.

Rank tracker

Use Rank Tracker to know where you’re ranking for each of your targeted keywords, keep ranking history for weeks, months and years, draw progress graphs — this gives you more power over your Google rankings for keywords and keeps you prepared to react quickly to any change.

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Find the right keywords and keyphrases for which to optimize your website

Keywords can make or break your website promotion campaign. Ideally, a good keyword meets these requirements:

  1. It describes your business, product or service — or some part of it.
  2. It is frequently used by people when they make searches in Google or other search engines.
  3. Online competition for this word is not too tough (not too many websites are already optimizing for this keyword).

To get a mass of keyword ideas and pick out the best–working for SEO keywords, you should got part of SEO PowerSuite tool called Rank Tracker.

You feed Rank Tracker a couple of keywords that you think are good for your site, and it comes up with hundreds of new keyword suggestions that also describe your website”s offer! Besides, you will see how often people search for each keyword on this list and how tough competition is for each and every word.

Rank checker

If you don”t want to make your own choices, Rank Tracker will come up with Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI) for each word and simply mark the best keywords with green and the least effective ones with red.

You can start with keyword choice right now — just download Rank Tracker and follow the built–in wizard to start research.

Ping Services List

You can automatically notify blog directories and search engines that your blog has been updated by using ping services. Below goes the lists of URLs to use in your blog/CMS/software.

XML-PRC ping services list

Google local ping services list